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Piano Lessons

Students of all ages and levels deserve the highest quality learning experience. At Studio Espressivo, students will receive a well-rounded education tailored to their own learning needs through weekly lessons, studio classes and performance opportunities. The instrument at Studio Espressivo is a Steinway-designed Boston grand piano. 

Lesson Offerings


Weekly lessons provide a consistent approach to both the technical and musical aspects of learning the piano. Lesson plans are designed creatively, combining the knowledge of various learning theories and cognitive science approaches for the most effective outcome. At Studio Espressivo, students are engaged from lesson one in the process of music making.


Similar to those done in Conservatories, studio classes at Studio Espressivo provide a space for students to play their repertoire in front of their peers. Studio classes are useful in engage the ear and critical thinking skills of all students involved. 


Performance opportunities provide a long term goal for students to work towards. To be able to share their progress with friends and family is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Studio Espressivo is designed in such a way to be able to create an authentic performance setting. 

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